• Laurence Boswell

Reality Check

Coming to terms with reality is difficult. But we all have to do it. And it takes time, patience, and learning to sit with our emotions.

Over the past few months, I've learned the value of coming to terms with my reality. I didn't think I would be working a part-time job, living paycheck to paycheck. I didn't think I would have to morn the loss of a long-term relationship. I didn't think that I would be wearing a mask every day. I didn't think that I would hear about buildings burning, police cars getting smashed, and violence on every social media platform.

But here we are. And it's time for a reality check. I've complained, struggled, and been completely burnt out. I've thought to myself, "Why is this my reality? Why am I in this position right now? Why is the world like this?" The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I was creating an alternate universe in my mind, and disregarding the reality in front of my face. Why? Because I didn't want to accept the current state of things. I didn't want to let the anger, hurt, sadness, and anxiety set in. I simply did not want to accept where I'm at in life. And the irony behind all of this is that I'm doing much better than I have been in years. I've had to make several adjustments to my lifestyle, eating habits, workload, how I view the state of the world, etc. All of those things have taken time and energy, but they have been worth it. I'm understanding that it's okay to accept my reality. To see it for what it is, and be okay with it. Am I safe? Yes. Am I making ends meet? Yes. Do I have friends to call and support me? Yes. Am I healthy? Yes.

The world can sometimes be chaotic, people can be cruel, violent, and misunderstood. But why? Because they choose not to come to terms with their reality. And when they do come face to face with reality, they don't want to accept it. I am seeing that more and more with the Corona Virus as well as the #blacklivesmatter movement. Why are people getting violent and uptight? Because they can't accept the fact that they are out of work. They can't understand why the world has been on lock-down for a while now. They can't see stability in the future. They don't want to be working from home anymore. They see family and friends dying. They see injustice in the news and on social media. The list goes on.

It's okay to be upset. It's okay to feel lonely. It's okay to be sad, hurt, even angry. However, it's not okay to be violent. To act out in such a way that harms another individual. It's not okay to neglect your reality to ruin someone else's.

We need a reality check. We need to see that people have been misused, abused, misguided, discriminated against, and hurt. We need to understand that reality. Why? Because if we don't, then we will never change. We cannot keep living in ignorance. We cannot keep living in an alternate universe that says it's okay to mistreat each other. We cannot live in a world that says it's okay to riot in response to mistreatment. We have to accept the truth of our reality now and make improvements. Just like I had to accept my reality and make adjustments for a better future.

We can do this.

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