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This is the me that I sometimes hide or disregard. The true me that gets lost in the back of my mind. The me that I shame, hurt, and sometimes abandon because of the mistakes I've made. However, this is the me that is longing for exposure. For some type of light. Warmth. Kindness. Mercy. 

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How often do we forgive ourselves? How often do we offer a hand of compassion to our own soul? How often do we allow ourselves to grow? I sometimes find it difficult to forgive others, but I find it most difficult to forgive myself. To let myself make mistakes, to learn, to grow. Don't beat yourself up for your past mistakes. Show mercy to yourself, even when you don't think you deserve it, because you do. Everyone deserves mercy. 

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Love Your Enemy

"And God said, 'Love your enemy,' and I obeyed Him and loved myself." - Khali Gibran. 
I've come to learn that instead of fighting myself, I should love myself. Love myself despite my short comings and weaknesses. Love myself for the strengths I carry and the love I feel for so many people. Love myself for being human and experiencing all types of emotion. Love myself for being me. Only then have I've started to truly understand my true identity, and disregard the identity placed on me by others.

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I used to be judgmental of others as a reflection of the judgment I was placing on myself. If my self reflection results in pushing others away, then I haven't learned yet what it means to love and be kind to myself.  I've been learning to take a rest from all the expectations I've placed on myself. To rest from the idea that I'll become this "ideal self." I'm learning to live and love the self that is me today. Nothing more. Nothing less.