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Online Course

Take Control - Mastering Manual Mode

This exclusive course teaches you the basics of your camera. Learn to make decisions about camera settings that allow you to capture the effects you desire for your images, in any setting. Understand the ins and outs of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Comfortably move from automatic mode to manual mode, releasing the potential of your camera and your creative mind. As you move through this 4 week course, you’ll move from a beginner photographer to a more advanced artist.


Online Course

Take Control - Mastering Manual Mode

This unique course teaches you to dig deep and find your inner voice. In this 4 week course, you’ll learn how to portray your emotions through visual art and to create a story. Along the way, you will also learn important camera and Photoshop skills to help you achieve your vision. Understand the importance of light and shadow, color, and composition. You’ll acquire a range of editing skills, from basic touch-up to advanced compositing. As the class advances, you will not only learn more about the art of photography, but also discover who you are as a person.

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Please contact for pricing estimates.

Offering proficient retouching and editing for creative content, including wedding photos, family portraits, engagements and studio shots. Services include the ability to remove distracting elements from the background, clean up blemishes, and add color or lighting effects to make any image stand out. Retouching and editing is based on an hourly rate, and depends on the content being processed. Please contact me for additional information.

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