Only Human Photography


In-Person Course 

Introduction to Studio Lighting - Salt Lake City 

Set yourself apart by learning the advanced skills of studio lighting. This in-person course will help you understand how to use lighting equipment to light your subject properly. First, learn how to use one light source to create dramatic portraits. Second, add a second light source to make your photos pop. Third, get one-on-one feedback from the instructor to improve your skills. This lighting course will help you take your photography to the next level. 


Online Course

Take Control - Mastering Manual Mode

This unique course teaches you to dig deep and find your inner voice. In this 4 week course, you’ll learn how to portray your emotions through visual art and to create a story. Along the way, you will also learn important camera and Photoshop skills to help you achieve your vision. Understand the importance of light and shadow, color, and composition. You’ll acquire a range of editing skills, from basic touch-up to advanced compositing. As the class advances, you will not only learn more about the art of photography, but also discover who you are as a person.