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The Past

The Past. 
A memory. 
A thought. 
A behavior. 
A place. 
A place where one can enter, but often chooses not to. 
A place that beckons one’s attention, but is ignored.
A place where bad memories, places, and people are held captive. 
A mind game. 
The past is key to success. 
The past is an invitation to destruction.
The past can hold you down. 
The past can set you free. 
The past is an interesting thing. It can bring about so many good memories, yet terrible ones at the same time. The past is something we learn from, but are afraid of. The past holds truths that are sometimes hard or scary to admit. But when we face our past, and learn to let it go, we become free from its burden. Are you willing to let your past go? 

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The Future

The Future. 
A persona that takes on many forms, shapes, and sizes. 
A destination with no end or direction. 
An ever changing state, unpredictable as to how it looks, feels, breathes. 
An uncertain certainty. 
An idea, premonition, or hunch. 
A place where one can remain captive, imprisoned. 
A place where anxiety, depression and fear arise. 
A place where the mind subsides. 
A place where you should not let your heart reside. 
The future is just a disguise. 
I don’t know about you, but the future often holds me captive. I’m afraid of what my life might look like in a few years down the road. I’m afraid I will be single my whole life. I’m afraid of not having a family, but I’m also afraid of starting one. I’m afraid of losing friends, allies. I’m afraid I’ll never be financially stable. I’m afraid of depression. I’m afraid of loneliness. I’m afraid of myself. 

What are you afraid of? Despite my fears, I’m willing to face the uncertainty of the future. To stand tall and not let it entice me into thinking I’ll have a horrible or unbearable life. The future is just a façade, and I’m learning to see right through it.

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The Present


The Present. 
Not a second too late. 
Not a second too early. 
Not the previous sentence. 
Not the next one either. 
It’s happening in this very instance. 
It cannot be contained, saved, or erased. 
It’s all encompassing. 
It’s everyone and nowhere at the same time. 
It’s precious. 
There’s nothing quite like the present. 
When we start to unveil our face and recognize that we’ve been controlling how the future and past affect us, we’ll start to understand the importance of being in the present. Let’s be present in thoughts, actions, words, and behaviors. 

Let’s be present with those we love, and those we don’t love. Let’s be present in our reality. Let’s show up and remain. Let’s not waste away in the depths of our past, or the uncertainties of the future. Let’s learn to be present.